A taxi service designed to prevent Covid transmission

You wont have to wait on huge lines of people.

– Avoiding big groups of people as you might encounter in an Airport waiting for a bus or other type of taxi is really imporant for Covid Prevention. For this reason, we guarantee that you won’t have to wait if you book with us. One of our drivers will be waiting for you at the time of your arrival.

Avoid being in a bus with big groups

– In the same sense as the previous step, you wont travel with more people than your family and friends, so avoiding a place like a bus is a great difference.

Use your credit card to prevent contact

– Avoiding contact as much as possible is one of the most common global recommendations. For this reason, you will always be able to pay by credit card with us. This makes a double difference: On the one hand, you wont have to prepare money for your booking. In addition, you will avoid touching things that other people previously touched.

Permanent desinfection of the taxi

– Daily car desinfection and permanent ventilation of our vehicles is a total must for us.

Personal Hygiene guarantee

– Personal hygiene has become more important than ever, so we have antiseptic gel as well as tissues on hand, both for taxi drivers and customers.

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