Taxi in Orihuela Costa, the perfect way to stroll through one of the great attractions of Costa Blanca

Hiring a taxi in Orihuela Costa is one of the most pleasant ways to stroll through this region of Spain, the second way is walking, but for long journeys it is better to get a car that someone else drives so that you can appreciate the impressive landscape.

Orihuela Costa is a municipality of Alicante and at the same time it is a paradisiacal place that combines beaches, modernity, tradition and good gastronomy. There are two different parts of the town, the downtown and the coast, and each one offers something different to the tourist.


What to see in a taxi ride in Orihuela Costa?

Taxi in Orihuela CostaTo start your tour in Orihuela the best option is the coasts, which are one of the most privileged in the country in terms of location and climate, in fact, you can enjoy it at any time of the year but the holiday months are usually the high season.

In the 16 kilometers that make up the coast of the municipality, you will find different beaches with the Q for Tourist Quality of the Ministry of Tourism, for example, Punta Prima Beach, Cala Estaca or Cala Capitán, all with soft sand and fresh blue Mediterranean water.

Following the taxi tour in Orihuela Costa, you could visit one of the different golf courses in the city or plan some water activity.

These activities are not far from most hotels and resorts, so the drive will take between 15 and 25 minutes if you hire a taxi line to pick you up at your hotel or inn in advance.


A short trip from the airport

There is no way to get to Orihuela by plane because the closest airport is Alicante Airport, which is 55 km away; that is, approximately 45 minutes by car and about an hour by bus.

Just as you book your flight to travel by plane, you can book your taxi in Orihuela Costa a few hours in advance. This is an advantage because they will be waiting for you outside the airport, and on the day of return, you will have a calmer and more organized trip.


Tour in the central area of Orihuela

The Orihuela coast is a great tourist attraction, but it is not the only entertainment in the municipality, in the downtown you will find many attractions and interesting places.

If you like history and art, you have to visit the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the Regional Museum of Archaeology, the Museum of La Muralla or the Pedrera Foundation; in all of them, you will find a fragment of what Orihuela was in the past and you will appreciate its evolution.

Another important destination in this part of the city is the Cathedral of San Salvador and Santa María, which was built in the late 18th century and has preserved its natural charm and aura of purity ever since.

If you are a fan of beautiful landscapes and viewpoints, you can dedicate an afternoon to visit the ruins of the castle of Orihuela, where you can see the entire city and the large number of palm trees it has.

There are two festivities in the year that tourists tend to like, one of them is Easter (Semana Santa), where all the rites of the Catholic Church take place, and the Moors and Christians Festivals of Reconquest that take place on July 17. On this date, everyone dresses up and participates in parades.

Therefore, it is better to take a taxi in Orihuela Costa, since you can move freely throughout the city and enjoy it from end to end without thinking about fuel, tickets or parking.

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