Hiking in the area of Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa, province of Alicante, is located in an incomparable landscape that makes it a privileged place for nature lovers who can enjoy it through different trails and routes, practice sports activities and learn about its cultural values. If you have ever planned to travel to the area, probably you have thought about its wonderful beaches and its wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. However, there are many ways to fall in love with this incredible area.

Orihuela Costa is surrounded by orchards, sea and mountains, with a multitude of possibilities to capture high mountain routes, rural areas and promenades with sixteen kilometers of coastline, which make this municipality a benchmark in hiking.

Keep reading if you want to discover the best hiking activities!

Top hiking spots in Orihuela Costa

Cabo Roig to Playa Flamenca

Lenght: 8.8 km  | Dificulty level: Low

This route stands out for its technical ease and for the beauty of its marine landscapes, as practically the entire route runs along a path that borders coves and cliffs above the Mediterranean. The route starts at the Cabo Roig beach car park, and goes to Playa Flamenca, passing other beaches such as Cala del Capitán and La Zenia beach. The route combines urbanized areas with other more isolated areas on small cliffs above the Mediterranean. It has a total length of 8.8 kilometers; 4.4 kilometers for the outward journey, plus the return, returning to the startin

Cabo Roig Cliffs

Lenght: 15 km | Dificulty level: Medium

At Agua Marina beach descend to the sand and walk along the seashore to the end of Caleta de la Glea. Follow a path that runs through stones and clay cliffs until the Protected Fossil Zone. In Punta de la Glea, the access to the upper part requires the use of hands and speed of movements, as you will have to climb between the rush of one wave and the next.

Go through the interesting Fossil Zone, passing by the sculpture that presides over the protected area and then follow the shore to the end. You will have to take off your shoes and advance about 20 meters through the sea with mountain sandals. It is a rocky area with algae in which you have to be careful. Then another climb of a couple of meters, where the hands are again essential, allows access to La Caleta de Cabo Roig.

At the end of La Caleta there are two footbaths, where we can easily put our shoes back on. The rest of the route has no complications.

Cala Mosca – Mil Palmeras

Lenght: 18 km | Dificulty level: Easy

Beautiful route along almost the entire Orihuela Costa (only missing to the north, the small section of Punta Prima and its Nautilus). Succession of cliffs, coves and beaches, where we have tried to follow different round trips, but always close to the coast.

It is done at a good pace. If you want to enjoy the landscape and stop at one of the many beach bars that we will find, you have to count 4 hours. It has no difficulty, but it is a continuous ups and downs, which requires being fit.

La Zenia Hotel – Campoamor

Route from the La Zenia Hotel to Dehesa Campoamor along the paved road that runs along the coast. There are some stairs and even an outdoor gym in the middle of the way. Attention to the ground that can sometimes be damaged and a bad footprint can end in a sprain.


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