A weekend guide to enjoy Orihuela Costa(2020)

Are you thinking of spending a weekend in Orihuela Costa this summer? This small paradise in the southeast of the Iberian peninsula has many charming places, perfect beaches to spend the whole day in an ideal environment, restaurants to enjoy Spanish cuisine and infrastructure for sports.

It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to make a small guide to spend an incredible weekend in this area. We know the area perfectly, so we recommend you follow our directions. Since all our drivers speak English, you can ask them any questions or any information that you would like to know on the way from the airport to Orihuela Costa.

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A plan for 3 days of vacations in Orihuela Costa


If you arrive on friday, you will probable want to rest as you will be tired because of the trip and the previous day preparing all the lugage. For this reason, we have prepared a chill and calm plan:

  1. Morning: Have lunch at El Mesón de la Costa. A restaurant that has been active for more than 30 years. Its great specialty is fish and seafood of the area of Orihuela Costa, although it also has a large amount of meat available. Just a classic among the best classics!
  2. Afternoon: As El Mesón de la Costa is in Torrevieja, we recommend you to take a good walk around the area and Marina Salinas, the port of Torrevieja.
  3. Night: Finish your day watching the sunset at La Bocana, a restaurant with a wakeboard cable to enjoy an incredible deep orange sight. You can have dinner there.


As you had time to rest on friday, let’s enjoy this wonderful place doing some sport during the weekend. If you like golf, you have Orohuela Costa is just the right place.

  1. Morning: It’s time for some movement! You can rent a bike and take a ride over the area or you can either play golf. There are really good courses in Costa Blanca. Here you have a previous article with the top 5 golf courses in Costa Blanca.
  2. Afternoon: Are you tired? Let’s relax at the beach and take a relaxing bath at the sea! In this article, you have some of the best places to enjoy a day at the beach in Orihuela Costa
  3. Night: It’s time for a good cocktail, isn’t it? After a long day with a mix of sports and relax, it’s time to have a good drink at a terrace and enjoy the wonderful weather of the area.


Argh! The day to leave has come. But nevermind, there is still time to enjoy, at least, a good meal!

  1. Morning: Have lunch at Local de Ensayo, the restaurant where chef David López puts into practice the advice that has led him to be a great candidate to win a Michelin Star. You can eat all kinds of experimental dishes and high-class cuisine. It is a slightly more expensive option, but you will not be disappointed


Any doubt regarding transportation?

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